• About Brewery Finance

Brewery Finance was started by Denver, Colorado homebrewers and craft beer lovers Rick and Skip Wehner. Before launching the company — the first equipment-funding company focused solely on America’s craft brewers — the brothers enjoyed careers with several industrial-equipment leasing companies in their home state.

Along the way, the brothers dreamed of starting their own company and became fans of local micro-brewers and their thrilling, status-quo-defying creations. As his interest in craft beer grew, Rick sought a way to combine his work expertise with his love of small-batch beer and the rule breakers who made it.

That dream became a reality in 2005 when Rick and Skip opened Brewery Finance. The company quickly became a valuable ally to fast-growing, visionary breweries unable to land equipment financing from traditional sources.

To gain a greater depth of credit and funding flexibility for its customers, in 2011 Brewery Finance joined forces with Pinnacle Capital, a small equipment-funding company in Tacoma, Washington with a broad national reach.

Today, Rick continues to head up Brewery Finance and combine his vocation with his avocation on behalf of America’s craft beer makers. Brewery Finance has now funded over 900 craft projects and helped artisan-style beverage makers secure more than $45 million in funding to fuel their growth, success and dreams.