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After working for many industry leading leasing companies over the past 20 years, brothers Rick and Skip Wehner decided that it was time to start their own leasing company. They believed that the Colorado and surrounding Rocky Mountain Region was an underserved market with regards to equipment leasing. They believed the name of the new company should reflect their commitment to this local market. With Denver being knows nationally as the Mile High City, they decided on 5280 Financial (5,280 feet in a mile). In 2011, 5280 Financial was acquired by Pinnacle Capital of Tacoma, WA. This acquisition has expanded our funding capabilities within their niche marketplace.

Shortly after opening their doors, Rick started Brewery Finance, a subsidiary of 5280 Financial. This was a natural progression for Rick as he had been a long time home brewer and craft beer enthusiast. After some initial research, Rick decided that the craft beer industry was grossly under represented by financial institutions. His hunch was quickly rewarded as shortly after opening the doors, business started to flow.

We continue to grow our company by building solid business relationships built on mutual respect and actively listening to our customers needs and differentiating ourselves on our commitment to not only find new relationships and opportunities, but to continually cultivate the ones we have!